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Flower Garden Car Air Freshener

Flower Garden Car Air Freshener

Sustainable Grace

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The Flower Garden Car Air Freshener is perfect for freshening up your car or anywhere you want to add a little fragrance on the go. Handmade with non-toxic fragrance oils, it hangs easily from your car mirror or anywhere it can hang upright, diffusing a beautiful fresh floral scent throughout your space. 

Made from glass and bamboo, these eco-friendly car diffusers are reusable and refillable up to four times with the same scent—providing much less waste than traditional air fresheners. Depending on how often you refresh or strengthen your scent, the car diffusers can last up to 60+ days. 


Flower Garden smells exactly like it sounds—you'll enjoy a beautiful blend of fresh lilac, rose, and jasmine flowers in full bloom.  

NOTE: Please read the instructions and safety tips below and also provided with your car diffuser prior to use. 

Scent Options

Our Car Diffusers are available in the following scents:

Fresh Bamboo: bamboo, green leaves, aloe

  • A very light and calming fragrance with sweet green notes

Island Getaway: coconut, rum, citrus, pineapple

  • An explosion of tropical fruits and rum, this scent will remind you of your favorite fruity drink on your island vacation

Sandalwood + Citrus: sandalwood, amber, citrus, mango, cedar

  • A bright citrus fragrance balanced by a base of sandalwood and amber

Malibu Cindy: coconut, rum, citrus, pineapple

  • An explosion of tropical fruits and rum, this scent will remind you of your favorite fruity drink on your island vacation 

Stress Relief: lavender, eucalyptus, powder

  • The blend of lavender and eucalyptus make this scent truly relaxing and soothing.

Sea Salt + Citrus: sea salt, citrus, jasmine, ozone

  • Bring the warm, salty scents of the ocean home with our Sea Salt + Citrus scent

Self-Care: peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar, vanilla

  • A blend of sweet peppermint with earthy eucalyptus make this a refreshing and calming scent

Spa Day: white tea, ginger, citrus

  • Like a day at the Spa, this aromatic scent features top notes of mandarin and lemongrass amplified by mid notes of bergamot and ginger set on a base of white tea and jasmine

Enchanted: cherry blossom, peach, hydrangea

  • The ultimate blend of fruit and floral, with top notes of apple, luscious peach, and ripe grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea

Beach Glow: coconut milk, citrus, amber, palm

  • A rich heart of coconut milk and warm amber unfurls with citrus and palm top notes to create the perfect beach inspired scent

Island Dreams: green florals, green leaves, powder, agave

  • A base of powder and violet with mid notes of green leaves and floral with top notes of lime, agave, and honeydew

Beach Linen: cotton, linen, powder

  • Cotton linen and powder give this scent a clean line dried laundry blowing in a seaside breeze kind of vibe.

Cozy Campfire: marshmallow, sugar, smoke

  • Reminiscent to roasting marshmallows around a bonfire in the Fall.

Amber + Sage: Citrus, sage, lavender, amber

  • Elegant and captivating, this scent will appeal to both masculine and feminine senses.

It's Fall Y'all: apple, cinnamon, nutmeg

  • Fresh apple cider with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg make this the perfect fall scent.

Autumn Glow: apple, pecan, cedar

  • Sweet, earthy and inviting, this one will become your new favorite.


  • Volume: 8 ml
  • Lasts: 60+ Days
  • Fragrance: Premium Fragrances & Essential Oils
  • Non-Toxic: Free from Dyes, Parabens, and Phthalates
  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cruelty Free


Our diffusers are hand crafted in small batches using high-quality fragrance oils free of phthalates. Our commitment to quality is reflected in products that are safe for you, your home, family, and the environment. When you purchase Sustainable Grace products, you can be sure you're getting a clean, toxin-free diffuser that smells amazing.

How to Use Your Car Diffuser

  • Unscrew wooden lid and remove plastic stopper
  • Screw the wood lid back on and tilt the diffuser upside down for no more than 3 seconds to allow the fragrance to absorb into the wooden lid
  • Unscrew wooden lid and replace plastic stopper to prevent spillage
  • Replace wooden lid and hang diffuser in your car, boat, RV, or home
  • Repeat steps when scent fades or to increase the strength of the fragrance

NOTE: Please review diffuser instructions and safety tips provided with purchase prior to use.

Sustainable Grace is not liable for any damage caused by spillages.

Car Diffuser Safety Tips

  • Do not over saturate the wooden lid or rope
  • Do not tip bottle upside down for more than 5 seconds to prevent leakage
  • Replace the plastic stopper to prevent spillage
  • Do not hang car diffuser from your gear shifter, windshield wiper or turn signal
  • Avoid contact with vinyl, fabrics and leather
  • Wipe up all spills immediately
  • Always follow instructions provided
  • Use product only as directed
  • Keep diffuser out of reach of children and pets
  • Avoid contact with eyes, face and textiles

Sustainable Grace is not liable for any damage caused by spillages.


Orders are processed within 1-3 business days and ship free when you spend $75 or more.


Because of the handmade natural of our products, items may have some slight imperfections. None of these impact the quality of the candle.

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  • hand poured soy candles


  • non-toxic soy candles

    Phthalate Free

  • recyclable


  • eco-friendly


Your New Favorite Car Freshener

A Non-Toxic Way to Refresh Your Car, Home, Boat or RV

Handmade with high-quality fragrance oils, our air fresheners are a non-toxic and safe way to freshen up your car, home, boat or RV and enjoy some of your favorite Sustainable Grace fragrances on the go.

  • sustainable grace car diffusers


    Unlike traditional car air fresheners that use synthetic fragrances containing toxic chemicals, our diffusers are handmade using high-quality fragrances and essential oils free from phthalates.

  • non-toxic car diffuser car air freshener


    Made from glass and bamboo our diffusers are recyclable and can be reused up to three times with one of our refill kits—providing much less waste than traditional car air fresheners.

  • Aromatherapy

    Not only do our car diffusers refresh your car, boat, home or RV with a lovely scent but some of our fragrance oils contain essential oils that provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

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