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Candle Care Tools & Why You Need Them

Proper candle care is essential to extend the life of your candle's. Two candle care tools we highly recommend and use at Sustainable Grace to help us get the most out of our candles are wick trimmers and wick dippers. 

What is a Wick Trimmer?

Wick trimmers or wick scissors allow you to safely trim the wick of your candles. They are made from durable stainless steel with a perfectly angled sharp edge to ensure a clean cut every time and catch any excess wick trimmings. 

Why Using a Wick Trimmer is Important

Trimming your wick to 1/4" before each burn will help your candles burn longer, reduce high flames, and provide a clean even burn. 

  • Controls the height of flame 
  • Prevents a mushroom wick 
  • Keeps soot from falling into wax pool
  • Creates a stronger fragrance and more even burn
  • Helps candles last longer by burning more slowly and evenly  

What is a Wick Dipper?

An alternative to a candle snuffer, our Wick Dipper is a smoke-free way to safely extinguish your candle flame, re-center your candle wick and easily remove any wick debris that has fallen into the hot wax. 

Why Using a Wick Dipper is Important

When you burn candles for long periods of time or forget to trim the wick before lighting, the wick can lean or curl if it gets too high, which leads to an uneven burn or tunneling. 

How To Use: 

  • Extinguish Your Flame: Simply dip your wick into the hot wax using the curved tip of the dipper. Lift the wick up with curved part of dipper to straighten for your next use 
  • Re-Center Your Wick: Before the wax hardens, use the curved tip of the dipper to re-position your candle wick to the center of the glass jar
  • Remove Candle Debris: Simply use the curved tip of the wick dipper to scoop up and remove any black debris that has fallen off the wick into the hot wax 

Ready to up your candle care game? We have two candle care kits that are available in matte black or gold and include both the wick trimmers and wick dippers. You can also add on one of our Electric Lighters for a flameless way to light your candles. 

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